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Shojo Haku

Shojo Haku

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PostSubject: Shojo Haku (Almost Done)   Shojo Haku (Almost Done) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2016 8:26 pm

Name: Shojo Haku
Nickname/Alias: Sho
Race: Soul Reaper/Fullbringer
Gender: Male
Age: 15

General Appearance: Sho has light purple eye's like his father before him, he also has a blue star on the left side of his face. Short black black hair with blue patch on the side,he also has hair clip that's blue and back on one side. He wears thin black neck ring that never comes off. Sho wears a short sleeve version of the soul reaper kimono the black part sleeveless and the white part being short sleeve, with a blue shirt under it that has a white bunny eating a carrot. Sho likes to have freedom when it comes to leg wear so he a cut version of the soul reaper pants and with a white cloth wrapped around his waist holds his pants up and keeps his phone and sword that he keep's behind him. he wears a pair of black buttoned shine high boots that leave his heels out.
Height: 5'6 1/2
Weight: 90

Personality: Sho is like the little brother that everyone wants to have live with them, He like to help his mother around the house even though they have servants to do that for them and puts others needs before his own due to the fact that he has always helped his mother before they

Like: His big brother, Cat's, and meeting new people

Dislike: Candy Cans and Hallows

Affiliation: Soul Society

History: Sho is Cipher's younger brother that was born a year after Cipher, he was raised by his mother in the world of the living until he was six and he fell terribly ill due to his spirit energy raising too fast for his body to handle. His mother took him to the Soul Society to help his body control his spirit energy and during that time his mother married a noble family shortly after he enrolled into the Soul Reaper Academy were he learned to control is spirit energy. when he graduated to Soul Reaper he was placed Division 14 as 4 seat even though he was already assigned to Division 4 for his Keido skills. Sho hadn't even mastered his Shikai due to the fact that he mostly focuses on Keido but it was thanks to his new step father that he was placed so high up.

Sho spent most of his time in the world of living cause he found himself losing part of himself as he never spent much time with his friends that forgot him due to his step father erasing there memory of him. Shortly after he turned 15 his mother told him that he has a brother and he need to find before Aizen has time corrupt him or worst. He felt thrilled that he had an older brother and couldn't wait to meet him. Sho tried to look for his brother by the book but he came up with nothing so he took his seach outside the rules of the soul Society.
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Shojo Haku (Almost Done)
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